Hot lunches are provided by a catering company each day. School meals are compulsory.
Special menus can be arranged for religious or health reasons. 
There is a special ‘light lunch’ for children in Nursery & Reception.
On excursion days, book fairs etc. it may be necessary to serve packed lunches.
Lunches cater for the children´s individual needs (Vegetarian, Halal, allergies, food intolerances, etc)


MENU halal

MENU intolerancia al gluten

MENU intolerancia al huevo

MENU intolerancia a la lactosa.


The school bus routes operate both mornings and afternoons. The routes cover a large geographical area both inside Madrid and the outlying areas. Both one-way and two-way journeys are available and the routes vary slightly year to year, depending on demand. For more information about particular routes, pick-up and drop-off times and prices, please contact Pears S.L (tel:914137014) directly.


Personal accident/emergency insurance is required for all pupils and is arranged through the school, payable once a year.


Fees must be paid during the first two weeks of term in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer.
All fees (except registration and insurance) are payable per term.
Fees are not refunded on account of absence.
If a student withdraws after being accepted no refund will be made.
A 3% discount (on tuition fees only) is given for the third child.
There is a 3% discount (on tuition fees only) for payment of the whole year’s fees in advance.
(To qualify for this reduction, fees must be paid during the first week of the autumn term).


Places at Numont are limited, we will always try to give priority to siblings and families of current pupils. We will usually know how many places there will be by May of the current academic year.


In order to register your child as a pupil at Numont, the procedure is as follows:

1. Request a WAITING LIST FORM by email. Complete and return.
2. Request a personal visit. This consists of an interview and a tour of the school.
3. If you are offered a place and wish to secure it, you must complete and sign a REGISTRATION CARD.
4. Make a payment of 1000€.


Please indicate on the attached form the activities in which your child/ren would like to participate during the current term and return it as soon as possible by writing your child/ren’ name in the end column next to the activity/activities that they wish to enrol in.
Children MAY NOT change activities during the term. Please let us know by the end of each term if a child is not going to continue with an activity.
All classes (with the exception of swimming) are held on school premises.
– A very wide variety of extracurricular classes: Chess, basketball, football, music & movement, bollywood, drama,guitar, piano, French, reading club, Maths Club, Cooking Club, ….
– Extra-curricular swimming lessons in an indoor pool within 500 meters from school (Agreement with Club Natación Jiménez)

Classes are from 3.50pm – 4.50pm except for piano, private French & extra English and Spanish which are by appointment.


For uniform information please contact the school