General Information



We are a small family school located in a quiet, residential area of Madrid. Numont is a co-educational primary school for children between the ages of three and eleven – Nursery to Year 6. As most of our students come from English speaking families we are able to maintain a very high standard of English. The National Curriculum forms the basis of our syllabus from Years 1 to 6.

The aim of the school is to provide a warm, happy and challenging atmosphere where children can derive pleasure from learning and achieving their personal goals. The emphasis is on the individual, so that all of the children, regardless of strengths and weaknesses, colour, creed or sex, feel valued and able to reach their full potential.

Numont has an excellent reputation for bringing out the best in boys and girls of varying levels of ability and ensures that each child is able to receive the individual attention he or she needs.  The emphasis is on building confidence and self-esteem through a healthy, positive attitude towards learning.

The curriculum is wide-ranging, with special emphasis on English, Maths and Science.  History and Geography are adapted to the needs of an international student body such as ours.

Spanish is taught from Year 1 by a native teacher.  Those children who are new to Spain are given parallel classes at a beginner’s level. 

By Year 6, pupils are expected to converse fluently and read and write proficiently in Spanish.

French is also taught from Years 1 to 6 by a native teacher following the French National Curriculum Guidelines.

Children are introduced to information and communication technology (ICT) from the age of four. Pupils have access to numerous computer programmes that supplement their learning.

We feel that participation in sport is vital for a child’s overall development. Through individual and group activities we provide an enjoyable and comprehensive physical education programme. For Years 3 to 6 we make full use of a nearby sports centre. An annual sports day is held as well as competitions with other schools in Madrid.

Music is an important activity at Numont. Nursery, Kindergarten and Year 1 have a daily music lesson which includes singing, rhythm, movement and percussion. The older children learn to read notes as well as write and perform rhythmic patterns.

Twice a year the school works together to present two theatrical productions. They are an extravaganza of singing, dancing and acting which is enjoyed by young and old alike.